Crisis Management

We are experienced in the management of international media crises in a variety of areas, including financial, health, regulatory, sports, food and beverage, politics, insurance, nonprofit organizations, infrastructure, real estate, and more.
The bottom line is that our experience shows that our involvement in each of the crises we have dealt with has helped to minimize damage and, at times, to prevent it altogether. A media crisis is a point in time during which an organization, a company, or a private individual with a high media profile can observe high damage if they do not act decisively, quickly, and efficiently. The origin of a crisis can be diverse. Some may begin within the organization itself, while others may arise as a result of interaction with external factors, such as competition, friction with enforcement authorities, and more.
It is essential to select an experienced party in dealing with media crises since the conduct of the media is different from the routine behavior of public relations. Correct and calculated steps will lead to a reduction in damage or its prevention or leverage in a positive manner, while a small error may create a media, economic, and even organizational catastrophe.
We work together with legal advisors as we understand media ethics — what is right and what is permitted. We know how to stand up for our customers’ rights even when they are a step away from being demolished. Along with our experience comes the tactical tool box at our disposal, which makes us a leading office in the field.