Facebook Advertising

With over one billion active users, Facebook is by far the most powerful social media and a fantastic advertising platform. However, it is sometimes difficult to reach the goal and motivate the target audience to act. At DM Communications, we understand how to produce tangible results from Facebook advertising.
The advantage of advertising on Facebook lies in the fact that the social network allows us to target audiences according to many precise segments–by internal tools to the social network and by external plugins. The ability to touch the right audience is one of the highest possible.
There are many ways to target audiences on Facebook. At the most basic level, there is the ability offered by Facebook and focuses surfers according to age, interests, geographical area, and so on.
Also, there is the ability to upload lists to Facebook as well as to connect Facebook’s advertising algorithm to a remarketing campaign, and to create a similar audience to an audience that has already been characterized by you as relevant with a look-alike campaign.
In addition to our ability to target different audiences with advanced devices, we specialize in everything related to A\B testing. We are experienced in initiating massive campaigns in a short period, examining the results on the ground, and improving the awareness and actions for those who generate efficient and cost-effective conversions.