Initial Coin Offerings

The needs of an enterprise whose goal is to issue an ICO, are varied, while synchronized activity among all marketing branches working for it is required.

Based on our extensive experience in the industry, we have developed a multi-channel method for dealing with the various marketing channels relevant to each crowdfunding. Together, we will define with you the goals, target audiences, related messages, and media and marketing channels to engage with the audience. We’ll create the tactics to produce exposure, all under a strict schedule.

The message you deliver has central importance in the crowd funding scene. It’s crucial to create trust and prominence among target audiences while simplifying complexed ideas at the same time. We will examine the white paper and brainstorm to create a convincing pitch that will touch all the relevant points to the ICO, to create engagement.

We will assist to expose your venture to the vast contacts we hold in global media, as we are in direct contact with reporters and editors on top-tier as well as niche media platforms. We cover relevant sectors such as finance, business, crypto and blockchain, technology and more. Our team of experts is proficient in social media marketing, blogging, communities’ management and networking with opinion leaders with a focus on this industry in particular.

In addition to that, we are experts in Crisis Management, Reputation Management and SEO, tools we integrate efficiently as needed, allowing us to prevent harmful brand communication as well as to control the visibility of the first page in Google when the brand’s name is searched and more.