Keywords removal and the changing of content on published articles

Our extensive experience in public relations and crisis management provides us with a far-reaching network of contacts with reporters and editors in the media. We have a unique ability to turn to the press in which negative references have been published and make a change in the content after it has already been published. We can reduce the use of keywords that cause undesirable indexations as well as to change entire parts of the article. In some cases, we can remove the item from the site.
Our experience with the world of media teaches us that, in many cases, the person or organization attacked by the media is approaching it aggressively and threateningly. In the face of the fact that we understand the victim’s state of mind, this is probably the biggest mistake that one can make.
Any legal appeal to the media will lead to the referral of the case to the legal department. This process is substantially prolonged then direct contact with the editor or the reporter and may take weeks or months as it will cause heavy costs. Worse, with such actions, if the case is vague, you will create a situation in which the media’s legal department will give a stamp of approval to the article. In that case, it will be impossible to conduct any negotiations regarding the content.
In DM Communications, we are experienced in leading complex processes of this type exactly. We understand the modus operandi of the media and the internal dynamics of the systems themselves. We know how to walk the thin line between legal threat and media discourse while keeping channels of dialogue open. Accompanied by lawyers from the field, we know how and when to use legal weapons when the need arises.