Micro-messaging is a method of action that combines the creation of validity of a brand or idea by exposure in the conservative media combined with sufficient exposure to the target audience through tools taken from the digital world.
The world of communication is changing in front of our eyes. Communication tools continue to be a validating factor for an idea or brand, but have lost their exposure power to social networks and niche sites. The natural way in which an idea is disseminated among a target audience and becomes viral is to share the content in relevant forums and discussion centers. Thus, an article that talks about a subject provides a seal of approval while viral distribution on social networks creates exposure.
To bypass the need to wait for the natural process that may take a long time or not occur at all, we are using a method called micro-messaging. Overall, this is a two-stage process:
A. Initiation of exposure in a media outlet that is already perceived as an authority.
B. Sharing the story with various digital tools and actively target the relevant audiences.
We make use of our vast experience with conversion campaigns to efficiently target audiences, broad or narrow as they may be.