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DM's Reputation Management

DM Communications is a leading global online reputation management agency working with businesses, brands, high-profile individuals, and executives to assist them to achieve and maintain a positive online presence and to eliminate and suppress negative mentions.

We work with organizations and individuals from across the globe in all sectors. We specialize in financial service branches, travel and tourism, retail, food and drink, energy and utilities.

Our broad and unique perspective, which combines a wide variety of marketing sectors, is one of our points of differentiation in everything we do. In the field of online reputation management, our distinction is extraordinary in its efficiency. While search engine optimization companies dominate the industry, we combine SEO with tools from the public relations and crisis management arenas along with the legal understanding of defamatory publications cases.

We create digital assets using unique methods in a way that enables them to perform rapid, qualitative and long-term indexation on the Google search engine as we build organic articles in high-ranking media in Google which carry the keywords we wish to address. These articles and digital assets are promoted by an SEO campaign to push down negative results, but this does not add up to that.

Our PR and crisis management capabilities, as well as our understanding of slander cases enable us to soften existing negative stories and reduce the appearance of problematic keywords within the content even after they have been published. This process is contributing to the suppression campaign, making it much more efficient.

The agency was established in 2010 by entrepreneur and founder David Malits. Today, DM Communications is a leading authority in online reputation management.

Who We Are

DM communications, a leading global marketing, and communications agency specializing in Public Relations, Crisis Management, Online Reputation Management, PPC Performance, SEO and Social Media Marketing.


Promotion of positive digital assets

Our SEO department is experienced in optimizing and promoting positive digital assets, such as articles, websites, social media accounts, and more.

Handling abusive responses published by media readers

Offensive comments by private individuals in response to media reports or posts on social media cause double damage.

Establishment of digital assets with high indexing capability

Our team is experienced in handling negative references that have been indexed in search engines, social networks, file sharing sites, and more.

Inserting positive content into media

Our public relations and crisis management departments are experienced in penetrating the media with organic content.

Handling of harmful content in social media

Social networks can create a lot of exposure to an idea, whether it's textual content or visual content.

Articles' optimization

Our knowledge enables us to tailor articles published in the media and influence various data relevant to the search engines

Video content handling

Our experience, as well as our extensive network of connections, enable us to contact video channel operators

Control images that appear as search results

They say that one picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to an image of an offensive nature, its value exceeds 10,000 words.

Keywords removal and the changing of content on published articles

Our extensive experience in public relations and crisis management provides us with a far-reaching network of contacts with reporters and editors in the media.


our sectors

Financial Services

We help our clients in the financial sector evolve their brand positioning, communications


As with every technology project, Blockchain initiatives go together with the diverse aspects of our everyday life.


We assist companies in the tech sector to strengthen their reputation and with the marketing of their brand and services.

Initial Coin Offerings

Based on our extensive experience in the industry, we have developed a multi-channel method


The DM Communications team of experts holds close ties with the industry, lawyers, and the legal system.


Sports has been a core sector of our marketing practice since DM Communications was founded in 2010.

Crowd Funding

DM Communications is an agency specializing in marketing and public relations. We are experts in creating


We walk into the world of games in a calculated way. We understand the benefits that the gaming world

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our team

David Malits

Founder and Senior Partner

Communications expert with in-depth knowledge of public relations, marketing, communications strategy, crisis management, and digital marketing. 

Shiri Keidar, eMBA

CEO and Partner

Head of the digital marketing company since 2010. An SEO and PPC expert,  who specializes in managing complex, large-scale campaigns on Facebook & Google.

Itamar Kal

CEO and Partner

Performance-oriented, he has ten years of experience in managing client’s portfolios in various fields.

Zohar Sharabi

Online Reputation Department Director

He has in-depth knowledge and experience handling reputation management cases in multiple sectors.

Adir Alon

Communications Consultant

He is an expert in international communications and international relations.

Karin Malka

Operations Manager

She has eight years of experience in systems management and personnel management. She is an expert in Human Relations, Systems Management, and Process Automation.

Yahav Cohen

Communications Consultant

He has years of experience in handling client portfolios in various fields.  He is a performance-oriented man who is well connected about politics.

Efrat Carmi

Web designer and UI / UX expert

Ten years of experience in web design and various digital products design and development.

Yaniv Mitrani-Avnon

Campaign Manager and Data Analyst

An expert in setting up and optimizing campaigns on search engines and social networks.

Tamar Kavalerchik


She has years of experience in building websites and digital assets, as well as a broad knowledge of the following languages: HTML / CSS / Javascript / Jquery / PHP, and more.

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