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Our organic and efficient SEO services include strategy, tactics, keyword research, digital assets optimization and the creation of content. Every action we take is with a focus on growing your business’s traffic and generating relevant leads.

We offer customized campaigns built for the size and needs of each client and ensure transparency and accurate lead tracking, measurement and validation.

Through years of experience, we have learned that while each marketing practice has its own set of advantages, digital marketing solutions work best when combined with each other. Therefore, we offer a full-service strategy and a combination of tactics and tools to each of our clients to increase conversions and revenue.

At DM Communications, we offer a variety of SEO services and methods to navigate your business or organization to its goals.

Who We Are

DM communications, a leading global marketing, and communications agency specializing in Public Relations, Crisis Management, Online Reputation Management, PPC Performance, SEO and Social Media Marketing.


Rank Tracking

We, at DM Communications, operate various advanced software that enables us to automatically and continuously monitor the location and ranking of each digital asset that is relevant to you.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the core points of an SEO campaign. The goal is to identify words and phrases that are highly popular among the target audience when using a search engine.

Link Building

The leading search engines scan the vast internet space regularly. Links are the bond between the various digital pages and assets hosted on the internet.

SEO analysis

Search engines use hundreds of factors to determine which site will be ranked highest for specific keywords.

Search Engine Optimization of digital assets

Digital asset optimization refers to improving the visibility, scoring, and reference to leading search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.


our sectors

Financial Services

We help our clients in the financial sector evolve their brand positioning, communications


As with every technology project, Blockchain initiatives go together with the diverse aspects of our everyday life.


We assist companies in the tech sector to strengthen their reputation and with the marketing of their brand and services.

Initial Coin Offerings

Based on our extensive experience in the industry, we have developed a multi-channel method


The DM Communications team of experts holds close ties with the industry, lawyers, and the legal system.


Sports has been a core sector of our marketing practice since DM Communications was founded in 2010.

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our team

David Malits

Founder and Senior Partner

Communications expert with in-depth knowledge of public relations, marketing, communications strategy, crisis management, and digital marketing. 

Shiri Keidar, eMBA

CEO and Partner

Head of the digital marketing company since 2010. An SEO and PPC expert,  who specializes in managing complex, large-scale campaigns on Facebook & Google.

Itamar Kal

CEO and Partner

Performance-oriented, he has ten years of experience in managing client’s portfolios in various fields.

Zohar Sharabi

Online Reputation Department Director

He has in-depth knowledge and experience handling reputation management cases in multiple sectors.

Adir Alon

Communications Consultant

He is an expert in international communications and international relations.

Karin Malka

Operations Manager

She has eight years of experience in systems management and personnel management. She is an expert in Human Relations, Systems Management, and Process Automation.

Yahav Cohen

Communications Consultant

He has years of experience in handling client portfolios in various fields.  He is a performance-oriented man who is well connected about politics.

Efrat Carmi

Web designer and UI / UX expert

Ten years of experience in web design and various digital products design and development.

Yaniv Mitrani-Avnon

Campaign Manager and Data Analyst

An expert in setting up and optimizing campaigns on search engines and social networks.

Tamar Kavalerchik


She has years of experience in building websites and digital assets, as well as a broad knowledge of the following languages: HTML / CSS / Javascript / Jquery / PHP, and more.

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