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DM Communications' SEO Services

We’re made up of search engine optimisation specialists who desire to enhance your SEO efforts. Our organic and efficient SEO services include building your strategy, providing keyword research, improving digital asset optimisation and creating content that search engines love. Every action we take aims to increase your traffic and generate relevant leads. We offer customised campaigns tailored to client size and their requirements whilst ensuring transparency, accurate lead tracking, measurement and validation. Digital marketing practices work best when combined with each other. We therefore offer a full-service strategy including a combination of tools and tactics which aim to increase conversions and revenue for each client. Part of our strategy at DM Communications includes an offering of various SEO services and methods to help navigate your business towards its goals.

Who We Are

DM Communications is a leading global PR and marketing agency providing innovative strategies for blockchain, finance and tech-based projects. Based in London and Tel Aviv, we specialise in Public Relations, Crisis Management, Online Reputation Management, PPC Performance, SEO and Social Media Marketing.


Rank Tracking

We use advanced software to automatically and continuously monitor your ranking in search results.

Link Building

We have SEO specialists who excel in link building. Using contemporary methods, we identify the most quality links linking to and from your site.

Optimisation of Digital Assets

DM Communications will improve the visibility, scoring, and reference of your digital assets in leading search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a core point of our SEO campaigns. Our experts will identify your most relevant and powerful keywords and phrases so you rank highly in popular search engines.

SEO Analysis

SEO specialists execute careful and structured SEO analysis for your site to track how well it is performing.


our sectors

Financial Services

We help clients in the financial sector enhance their brand positioning and communication strategy.


We provide tailor-made marketing and PR assistance for cryptocurrency, ICO and blockchain ventures.


Our services reach out to the tech sector. Let us strengthen your brand reputation and take your marketing levels to new heights.

Initial Coin Offerings

Our ICO experts have the extensive experience to help create and develop a convincing pitch for your ICO project.


The DM Communications team has close ties with the litigation and legal system and helps individuals get their cases heard to the relevant media.


Sports is a core industry we serve. Through our professional connections and quality marketing practices, we provide sophisticated brand exposure efforts.

Crowd Funding

DM Communications excels in the marketing and public relations for crowd funding initiatives, helping generate growth and exposure.


We step into the gaming world with eyes on the ball. Our marketing pros know what it takes to promote and position those in the gaming industry.

Investor Relations

Our team of proficient, knowledgeable and skilled professionals has vast experience endorsing investment proposals to the accurate market.

Public Affairs

DM Communications is here to provide effective public affairs services using its all-encompassing, pioneering perspective on current trends in the corporate market.

Corporate Reputation

DM Communications is a leading corporate reputation management service provider with an esteemed experience in building client trust.

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our team

David Malits

Founder and Senior Partner

David is a communications expert with in-depth knowledge of public relations, marketing, communication strategies, crisis management and digital marketing.

Shiri Keidar, eMBA

CEO and Partner

Head of the digital marketing company since 2010, Shiri is an SEO and PPC expert who specialises in managing complex and large-scale campaigns on Facebook & Google.

Itamar Kal

CEO and Partner

Highly performance-orientated, Itamar has 10 years’ of experience in managing client portfolios in various fields.

Zohar Sharabi

Online Reputation Department Director

Zohar has in-depth knowledge and experience handling countless reputation management cases in multiple sectors.

Adir Alon

Head of Global PR

Adir is an expert in international communications and international relations.

Karin Malka

Operations Manager

Karin has 8 years’ of experience in systems and personnel management and is an expert in Human Relations and Process Automation.

Yahav Cohen

Communications Consultant

Yahav has years’ of experience handling client portfolios in various fields. Known as a performance-orientated individual, Yahav is also well-educated about politics.

Efrat Carmi

Web designer and UI / UX expert

Efrat has 10 years’ of experience in web design as well as digital product design and development.

Yaniv Mitrani-Avnon

Campaign Manager and Data Analyst

Yaniv is an expert in setting up and optimising search engine and social media campaigns.

Tamar Kavalerchik


Tamar has years’ of experience building websites and digital assets as well as a broad knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP and more.

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