Sports has been a core sector of our marketing practice since DM Communications was founded in 2010. Our team of experts specialize in creating brand exposure for our clients through strategic alliances, vast contacts with journalists and reporters from top-tier media, paid endorsements, sponsor relations, event management, social media marketing, SEO, PPC Performance and more. We are also highly experienced in crisis communications and reputation management for the sports arena.

DM Communications takes a holistic strategy to providing high-value cooperation and communications counseling to the remarkably talented athletes we work with. Whether we are focused on classifying revenue-generating brand support or managing media collaborations, our ultimate intent is to support the¬†construction and maintenance of our clients’ meaningful and satisfying careers. We understand our clients’ hopes and expectations, helping them to fulfill their potential and to exceed their dreams.

With years of proven success working with leading consumer brands in tech, garments, food and beverage, financial services, travel and more, DM Communications equips its clients with a depth of knowledge seldom found within one office. We build communications plans for events, sponsorships, product launches, contests, brand partnerships and more.

Along with athletes and consumer brands, our firm is working with sports businesses, sports media companies and event properties asking for an experienced marketing partner. Our core domains of expertise in public relations, PPC Performance, social media marketing, brand identity and cross-promotional partnerships have gained us a position among some of the most prosperous sports leagues, team franchises, and industry organizations.