Tactical tools

DM Communications is an agency that operates in the content arena, PR, and in more analytical fields such as PPC Performance, ORM, etc. This combination creates a unique set of tools for us, allowing us a great deal of operational space that is not based on the traditional PR channels alone.
In dealing with a media crisis, we employ various tactical tools, including business intelligence, legal advice, and targeting capability in groups or individuals via digital means. We are also capable of handling negative articles after they have been published and removing them from search engines, establishing digital assets such as landing pages, sites, and social media accounts, activating our representatives on social media and more.
These tools, combined with the vast experience we have accumulated in crises and media struggles, gives us the ability to deal more effectively with various threats. Thus, we can minimize damage, influence groups of resistance or individuals, and sometimes prevent the crisis and even derive a positive value for the customer from the event.