Technology is one of the leading focus points at DM Communications. We assist companies in the tech sector to strengthen their reputation and with the marketing of their brand and services. We are experts in differentiating them within their areas of activity. Finance, media, energy, health, and more, we are there for companies who seek to develop their business, evolve their vision, and safeguard their reputation while doing so.

Technology has various shapes and forms. In each of its angles, we create practical strategies, and develop ideas and tactics. We help organizations and companies to obtain and evolve in the ever-changing tech landscape and communicate reliable and valid messages.
In the recent years, we are witnessing a leap forward when it comes to advancement in the technology pace of evolution. From mobility and Blockchain, computing and cloud-to-network connectivity of everyday products, discoveries are everywhere. We see a new type of companies and unexampled business models that are replacing and refreshing the traditional industries in all sectors.

With this new era comes new challenges. Companies who seek to survive and develop, must adapt to the changing environment and fulfill some basic needs: Build their brand, create a narrative, address geopolitical issues, interact with their communities, develop their employees, and become attractive for top talents.

At DM Communications, we have a broad range of experience working with tech companies – from ambitious startups to global enterprises. As tech is one of our top areas of interest, we help organizations and businesses in the field to evolve, offering in-depth knowledge of Tech PR and communications.

We integrate our knowledge in related sectors such as fin-tech services, health, law, and more. We contribute our mastery of marketing methods such as digital marketing, micro-messaging, reputation management, public affairs, crisis communications, and content and community management to create a polished, well-founded PR solution. We are unique in the capabilities we offer, combining a PR vision which focuses on content with a sharp, analytical, results-driven methodology taken from the PPC performance field.

We target our solutions to the relevant audiences, from decision makers to potential partners, shareholders to consumers.

Unlike any other industry, the complexity of the tech sector makes it crucial for companies to choose the right PR agency partner. In this industry, we perform and act at our best, using up-to-date, sophisticated tools and approaches, guiding PR channels into a new way of performing.