A crisis is defined as a point in time during which an organisation, company or individual with a high media profile incurs damage as a result of not acting decisively, immediately or efficiently to a negative incident. We provide a detailed and calculated analysis of your situation and ensure to handle matters in a speedy, accurate and professional manner. We minimise potential damages by understanding the acuteness, variables, response time and factors of your situation.

Communication crises usually originate due to a tight schedule, a late warning or delayed preparations for a certain situation. Every crisis requires a professional and experienced consultant to handle the situation with ease and with a thorough understanding of the client’s rights.

The consequences of negative opinions could be devastating. Unreasonable, emotional, or hostile treatment can cause immense damage to the entity being attacked. Negative press can have an impact on business operations, branding and more which can leave a stained reputation. That’s why crisis management is one of our focus points at DM Communications. We have handled numerous crises with varying degrees of severity across a large variety of leading clients. We harness our knowledge, experience and understanding of media operations to lead our clients through times of crisis.