Crisis Management

DM Communications has the experienced team of personnel to deal and tackle with media crises ranging across various industries including financial, health, regulatory, sports, food and beverage, politics, insurance, nonprofit, infrastructure and real estate. Fundamentally, we have proven to deal with and minimise damage as well as prevent it altogether.

A media crisis is defined as a point in time during which an organisation, company or individual with a high media profile incurs damage as a result of not acting decisively, immediately or efficiently to a negative incident. The origin of a crisis can vary – some may root from within the organisation itself, while others may arise as a result of external factors such as competitors or animosity with enforcement authorities.

It is essential that companies turn to experienced public relations agencies when facing a media crisis. Accurate and calculated procedures will lead to prevention or reduction in damage as only a small mistake can lead to detrimental media, economic and organisational catastrophe.

Our understanding of media ethics has led us to work with legal advisors — we know what is right and acceptable in this industry. We know how to stand up for our customers’ rights even when they are a step away from having their reputation damaged. Along with our experience comes our tactical set of digital tools, which have helped us grow into a leading business in the field.