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Investor Relations

A little bit about what we do…

Our team of proficient, knowledgeable and skilled professionals has vast experience endorsing investment proposals to the accurate market. We familiarise ourselves with the client’s business in terms of industry, culture and goals and combine this knowledge with our expertise in finance and investment to provide an all-round and compelling investor relations strategy. 

Our unique approach to delivering impactful IR services involves several key components such as:

  • tactical investor and corporate communications strategies
  • outreach and targeted services for Buy-side and Sell-side
  • professional consultation on call
  • market intelligence services
  • brand positioning
  • investor communications
  • organising meetings
  • arranging analyst days
  • crisis communication

Whether your business requires outsourced investor relations services or support purely to assist their in-house IRO, DM Communications is available to construct an effective IR program that ensures to achieve the long-term goals of a company. We may be an outsourcer of investor relations services but we act as though we are part of your in-house team.

Who We Are

DM Communications was founded in 2010 and since then it has been a thriving leader in investor relations and financial communications. Our team is made up of talented individuals who are well-versed in public, investor and corporate relations and together they make up over 85 years of combined experience. 

We are proud to have an esteemed reputation of high-efficiency, reliability and exceptional customer service. DM Communications ensures to utilise only the most productive methods when implementing investor relations strategies for our clients. Our practices have proven to deliver long-term value for stakeholders worldwide by applying our hard-earned skills and aiming for tangible results.

DM Communications’ clients are in it for the long-haul. We establish longstanding partnerships using transparent communications and valuable strategies. All potential and existing clients are one call away from taking their engagement with stakeholders to the next level.

Our promise to you

DM Communications will take the appropriate measures to ensure that we meet your goals. We execute due diligence for all clients whilst evaluating their potential opportunities and challenges. Each project is allocated an experienced and skilled executive who will help build a tailored strategy for your business.

We only promise what we can achieve. Our team ensures to only proceed with a certain method if you agree with our strategy. However, there will be times when we even disagree with your approach too. Nevertheless, we will always suggest and offer a more suitable solution to meet your end-goals.

DM Communications Services

Using a variety of techniques and methods, we will carefully determine your investor relations strategy by conducting a full analysis of your corporate structure and position. We will take a look at your investment profile and make sure to build a plan that corresponds and adapts to your company’s ever-growing needs.     

Building a Best Practice Communication Strategy

Transparency is key in investor relations. Investors and analysts do not only base their decision-making on a company’s financial performance, they also want to see thorough communication. We help build a best practice communication plan for your business that enunciates strategy, goals and objectives in a clear, concise and professional manner. Investors want to see that you are trustworthy and worthwhile with a clear vision and future strategy in mind. Our team has the skills to establish a credible investment thesis for your business with regular transparent communication.

Achieving Investor Outreach

There are thousands of publicly traded companies around the world. Although business performance is of high importance in an investor relations strategy, it’s also vital that you continually work to attract new investors and analysts for your project on an ongoing basis. We know how to perfect your outreach according to the investor relations plan. Our company works with a variety of businesses. These include startups that need to articulate their story, companies that are entering a new stage of their business or firms that simply have a new investment plan. We have had years’ experience in this field which has led to the growth of our contact base. By performing buy and sell-side research coverage, we are able to attract prospective investors that might be interested in your project. This is also facilitated by our continuous performance of market intelligence which helps us draw more investors and analysts for your company. Not only do we build relationships with new investors, we also improve relationships with your existing ones, too.

Management of Corporate Communications

We understand the importance of powerful communications and how it can cost a business when it isn’t performed accurately. Our IR team takes full control of your corporate communication strategy and ensures that there is regular messaging widespread to your target investor market. We will tell your story so that it effectively communicates your corporate positioning, development and dealings. Our specialists with solid business skills will become acquainted with your company’s processes and collaborate with you to determine your strategy and key message for all audiences including stakeholders.

Effective IPO Consultation

DM Communications has the right team of personnel and knowledge to take over your IPO strategy. We provide strategic advisory, helping you identify and execute the plan to maximise outreach and coverage to potential investors. Our guidance which has helped several IPOs, SPACs and others involves:

  • investment positioning
  • roadshows and meeting planning
  • strategy for post-IPO
  • support when adapting into a public company
  • counseling for each step of the way

Crisis Communications

There are several crises that can arise for a company such as unexpected incidents related to income, changes in management, natural disasters, client problems, bankruptcy and more. DM Communications is here to assess your situation and provide a clear strategy to solve it. Whilst building the communication strategy, we will ensure to maintain an objective perspective whilst preserving a fully rounded, informed and credible message for all stakeholders.

Shareholder Activism in Crises

DM Communications also provides communication support throughout activist campaigns. We supply insight and advice and assist clients when they might fall victim to any shareholder activism, providing them with an effective and impactful solution.

Who We Are

DM Communications is a leading global PR and marketing agency for finance and tech-based companies. Based in Tel Aviv, we specialise in Marketing Strategy, Public Relations, Crisis and Reputation Management, PPC Performance, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.


Public Relations

We are a proud public relations and crisis communications firm whose success is built on a team of experienced and proficient professionals, thriving business connections, quality content creation and the ability to positively influence public agenda.

Crisis Communications

Brand perception all comes down to reputation and how well you respond to a threat that might damage your business. DM Communications has fast-thinkers on board to help improve your ability to withstand a crisis.

Lead Generation Campaigns

DM Communications has the right marketing talent on deck to construct custom landing pages, advertisements, digital assets and A/B tests that convert your traffic into sales or leads with the highest conversion rates.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media enthusiasts have the drive to create social media campaigns that are targeted and captivating for your ideal audience. Our marketing efforts will encourage organic social engagement with your clients as well as establish your brand’s most highlighted values.


We’re made up of search engine optimisation specialists who desire to enhance your SEO efforts. Our organic and efficient SEO services include building your strategy, providing keyword research, improving digital asset optimisation and creating content that search engines love.

Reputation management

DM Communications takes charge of your reputation. Our reputation management services cater to organisations and individuals from across the globe in all sectors. We manage and restore the perception of the financial, travel and tourism, retail, food and drink and energy and utilities industries.



Financial Services

We help clients in the financial sector enhance their brand positioning and communication strategy.


We provide tailor-made marketing and PR assistance for cryptocurrency, ICO and blockchain ventures.


Our services reach out to the tech sector. Let us strengthen your brand reputation and take your marketing levels to new heights.

Initial Coin Offerings

Our ICO experts have the extensive experience to help create and develop a convincing pitch for your ICO project.


The DM Communications team has close ties with the litigation and legal system and helps individuals get their cases heard to the relevant media.


Sports is a core industry we serve. Through our professional connections and quality marketing practices, we provide sophisticated brand exposure efforts.

Crowd Funding

DM Communications excels in the marketing and public relations for crowd funding initiatives, helping generate growth and exposure.


We step into the gaming world with eyes on the ball. Our marketing pros know what it takes to promote and position those in the gaming industry.

Investor Relations

Our team of proficient, knowledgeable and skilled professionals has vast experience endorsing investment proposals to the accurate market.

Public Affairs

DM Communications is here to provide effective public affairs services using its all-encompassing, pioneering perspective on current trends in the corporate market.

Corporate Reputation

DM Communications is a leading corporate reputation management service provider with an esteemed experience in building client trust.

our team

David Malits

Founder and Senior Partner

David is a communications expert with in-depth knowledge of public relations, marketing, communication strategies, crisis management and digital marketing.

Shiri Keidar, eMBA

CEO and Partner

Head of the digital marketing company since 2010, Shiri is an SEO and PPC expert who specialises in managing complex and large-scale campaigns on Facebook & Google.

Itamar Kal

CEO and Partner

Highly performance-orientated, Itamar has 10 years’ of experience in managing client portfolios in various fields.

Zohar Sharabi

Online Reputation Department Director

Zohar has in-depth knowledge and experience handling countless reputation management cases in multiple sectors.

Adir Alon

Head of Global PR

Adir is an expert in international communications and international relations.

Karin Malka

Operations Manager

Karin has 8 years’ of experience in systems and personnel management and is an expert in Human Relations and Process Automation.

Yahav Cohen

Communications Consultant

Yahav has years’ of experience handling client portfolios in various fields. Known as a performance-orientated individual, Yahav is also well-educated about politics.

Efrat Carmi

Web designer and UI / UX expert

Efrat has 10 years’ of experience in web design as well as digital product design and development.

Yaniv Mitrani-Avnon

Campaign Manager and Data Analyst

Yaniv is an expert in setting up and optimising search engine and social media campaigns.

Tamar Kavalerchik


Tamar has years’ of experience building websites and digital assets as well as a broad knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP and more.


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