Keyword Removal and Content Alteration

Our extensive experience in public relations and crisis management provides us with a far-reaching network of contacts like reporters and editors in the media. We have developed the unique ability to turn negative content into positive even after it’s been published online. Our SEO specialists have the ability to reduce any undesirable keywords that have been indexed in search engines. We also modify or remove areas in published articles that are detrimental for your reputation.

There are several individuals and brands that react to bad press by being aggressive or defensive. Although we understand their position, this could possibly be one of the gravest risks a company can take.

Legal appeals that are made to the media are eventually referred to legal entities like the court. This can be a long process compared to directly contacting an editor or reporter – it could take weeks or months and it will also carry a substantial cost. Worst case scenario, if the case is a little vague, the media’s legal department might give a stamp of approval for a negative article without negotiating the content.

At DM Communications, we are experienced in controlling complex situations. We understand how the media functions and what dynamics are involved. Our team has the experience in managing the fine line between a legal threat and media discourse while keeping channels of communication open. We know when a legal entity must interfere and how to access our vast network of prestigious lawyers.