DM Communications

DM Communications is a leading global marketing and communications agency based in Tel Aviv. We specialise in public relations, crisis management, online reputation management, PPC performance, SEO and social media marketing.

Our success is based on a team of experts, ever-growing media connections, creative content creation and a tactical formation of sophisticated digital campaigns. Thanks to our unique abilities, we are able to influence public opinion in a positive way.

DM Communications’ experience in using a variety of marketing tools and our ability to integrate them as one has given us great advantage. In today’s media world, the boundaries that mark the end of one marketing tool and the start of another are blurred. We combine tactics and methodologies from the digital, content and public relations fields to create a complete and powerful modern marketing approach.

Our proficient team uses tactics from fields such as public relations, lead generation, search engine optimisation, crisis communications, online reputation management, web development, social media marketing, analytics and more to establish a full, unique and more suitable solution for today’s ever-changing communications world.

We help companies and businesses achieve brand awareness, quality positioning and valuable communication with their target audience. Our overall goal is to help you establish a long-term and fruitful relationship with your market and encourage active engagement whilst safeguarding your interests in the process.

In 2010, founder and senior partner, David Malits planted the DM Communications seed which went on to become a pioneering service in the PR, marketing and communications landscape, one that would redefine the role of a public relations and digital marketing agency. Until today, the company serves dozens of clients from diverse fields and provides cutting-edge solutions that combine unique tools, a broad vision and creative thinking.

Adherence, excellence, creativity and productivity are just a few of our core values which enable us to help clients reach their goals and build beneficial relationships with their target audience.